When Zuri’s Sweet Shop opened earlier this summer in Animal Kingdom’s new Harmabe Market, an unorthodox snack created a significant buzz among park goers, only to be quickly removed from the candy shop’s display case. Perhaps too tongue-in-cheek(s) for some of Disney’s more hoity-toity patrons, maybe just a launch promo to help spread word of the new shop. Whatever the reason for their disappearance, the excrement inspired confections grabbed the attention of park goers excited to sample the “Match the Species” snacks. In terms of appearance, you can see below just how close to home Disney chefs came to the real thing with their interpretations of (let’s be blunt) animal feces. The pastry poops reportedly delivered a satisfying brownie-like flavour and texture.

News of the desserts’ removal was not well received by fans and and those who missed the chance to try them. No official statement has been made as to the reasons behind their evacuation but social chatter indicates some cast members have claimed it was only intended to be a test, while others blame a party pooping vocal minority who made enough noise to get the treats flushed down the tubes.

While memories of the coconut covered cakes fade, some of the lucky few who were able to get their mitts on the treats have ensured they will not be forgotten. Watch this taste test from the excellent TheTimTracker vlog whenever you need to remember the gastro goodness.